Some tricks to make talking to pinnwand easier.


steck is an in-development command line tool to talk to pinnwand instances. You can find it on its homepage or github:

pip install steck

bash alias

You can add the following bash alias to your .bashrc:

function paste-to-pinnwand() {
    cat $1 | curl -X POST http://localhost:8000/curl -F 'raw=<-'

Make sure to adjust the URL to your favourite pinnwand instance. After this you can paste files with:

$ paste-to-pinnwand configuration.html
Paste URL:   http://localhost:8000/OA
Raw URL:     http://localhost:8000/raw/CY
Removal URL: http://localhost:8000/remove/Z4SAXX5Y7QU2NQUT7KCQX4ZGQU